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Patch Attachment Samples

These are the different ways I can attach patches
to your garment

Patch attachment styles

Decatur Planters

Huckleberry Starnes

Custom jacket

Chenille patches

City of Decatur


Letterman Jacket



Chenille letter

Chenille letters

Chain stitch


Custom patch

Custom hat


Apparel Design



Custom denim

Varsity Jacket






Chainstitch machine

Vintage Sewing machine


Vintage Embroidery


Sports jersey

Embroidery classes

Chainstitch Classes

Once your patch is completed it's important to properly secure it to your garment.  Here are a few ways I can do that.

1. Zig-Zag stitch
This is a permeant stitch that is my top choice. It secures the patch all the way around and keeps it flat on the garment while protecting all the small details and edges of the felt background.  

2. Chainstitch
This is the old school way of attaching patches.  It looks great and very retro, like the patches, but leaves the edges of the felt unsecured, which can cause them to weather more easily.  This is a great choice for replica and retro inspired projects. 

3. Satin stitch
This is a thick series of zig-zag stitches that leave the outer edge of the patch raw and exposed to fray.  This is the prefect choice of rustic of more primitive designs.

4. Straight stitch
This is a traditional stitch and great for putting things together while being almost unnoticeable. 
Still have questions?
Please contact me to discuss it and decide on the best option for your project.



Patch Attachment Prices:

  • Small patch (up to 4"): $15

  • Medium patch (4"-6"): $20

  • Large patch (over 6"_: $25

  • One Sleeve de/reconstruction: $25

  • Puffy or Thick jackets add: $10 to total cost

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