Custom First Responder Masks as seen on CBS Evening News

Mask seen in the story

We were featured on the CBS Evening News (12/29/2020)

I was so honored to be featured on the CBS Evening News, and that they helped be bring attention to the fact that COVID is more prevalent than ever in the US.

Meanwhile, our brave fellow citizens continue to perform their jobs, putting themselves in harms way, so that the rest of us can remain safe until this virus is eradicated. 

The masks in the story are reserved for first responders, teachers, essential workers and at risk personnel that are required to wear a mask for work but want to share their smile with the world. 

Please contact me to discuss your mask if you are one of these amazing people and I would be happy to make one for you.
Otherwise, if you Google "my face on a mask" you can find other vendors on sites like Etsy that will make these for you.

Thank you for continuing to wear a mask and keeping the rest of us safe.

-Huckleberry Starnes

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