About my embroidery process

All work takes place on one of my 100+ year old
hand controlled embroidery machines, not a computer

My Studio

All work done by hand

Chainstitch and Chenille are 2 different stitch types that are performed on my 1930 Singer model 114w103 and 1920 Cornely BCH embroidery machines.  Unlike most sewing or embroidery machines, the direction of stitches is controlled by a handle under the work table that rotates in 360 degrees and maneuvers the stitch in the same direction that the handle is pointing. This type of operation allows me to draw on the fabric using the thread to create intricate designs and text.  Basically it's a tattoo machine for fabric.

Historically these type of machines were used to embellish pennants, western wear, bowling shirts, and varsity jackets.  Because of the versatilely of the machines, the uses are almost limitless and I look forward to pushing those boundaries while honoring the history of these machines and combining it with other modern techniques available in my studio.

Please contact me to see how I can best help you with your custom project, from a single patch to a custom line of hats.

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How my 1930 Singer 114w103 embroidery machine works

How my 1920 Cornely post bed embroidery machine works

Decatur Planters

Huckleberry Starnes

Custom jacket

Chenille patches

City of Decatur


Letterman Jacket



Chenille letter

Chenille letters

Chain stitch


Custom patch

Custom hat


Apparel Design



Custom denim

Varsity Jacket






Chainstitch machine

Vintage Sewing machine


Vintage Embroidery


Sports jersey

Embroidery classes

Chainstitch Classes

My Cornely BCH post bed embroidery machine operates in much the same way as the Singer, however, rather than having a flat table to sew on it has a "post bed" which looks like the top of a bowling pin. 

This special machine lets me position sleeves, pant legs, bags, and basically anything in to place to be embroidered on rather than having to deconstruct it to embroider on a flat surface.

These machines have become incredibly rare, and were most notable used in the US at Disney World to write people's names on mouse ear hats.

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