City of Decatur Collection: FAQ

Q: Are these products approved by the City of Decatur?

Yes.  In November 2020 the Decatur City Council voted to grant Huckmade a license to produce items with the official City of Decatur logo on them, under their trademark.

Maybe.  While Huckmade specializes in custom and small run products, the use of the City of Decatur logo has a style guide that dictates how it can be used, and on what products and media.  Best to contact us with your idea.

Q: I have an idea for a product with the City of Decatur logo on it, can you make it for me?

No problem.  Click here for Sizing Information, Return information or contact us with your question.

Q: I have a question about Sizes or returns?

We offer contactless curbside pick up in Oakhurst, USPS shipping and free local delivery on orders over $60, and please feel from to contact us with any other questions.

Q: I have a question about Shipping?

(Rolls eyes) Yes, I'm the guy that did the Decatur Planters logo last year.  However, since then I've talked to a lot of Decatur residents and collected their feelings about the Planters, Decatur and the city's logo.  I realized that I'm not the only one that has a real fondness for Decatur and it's lovely logo. Because of that I decided to pursue (over many months) acquiring the license to make new products that feature the city's logo, as well as adding new designs that incorporate the logo.  Both the City of Decatur and I take the brand identity of the city's logo very seriously, and while I do hope to bring my style to these new designs I will not be using the logo in any disrespectful or unauthorized ways.

Q: Aren't you the "Planter Guy"?  

OK. Go ahead and contact us with your questions.

Q: I have a question about something else?

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