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Chainstitch & Chenille Embroidery Apparel

These products are custom made for each order using hand controlled 100+ year old embroidery machines, not computers.

Custom Jackets, Vest, patches, banners and more..

Let me design custom jackets, vests, patches and banners for you, your club or group, and then hand make them in my studio on my collection of 100+ year old hand guided machines.

Don't fake the "old school" look, have me make them on the same machines and with the same techniques that they used in the 1950's to get an authentic vintage inspired garment.

Here are some ballpark costs, but you should contact me to discuss your project and receive a quote.

Estimated Prices:
Script on garment: $30
4" Chainstitch patch: $100+
6" Chainstitch patch: $150+
10" Chainstitch patch: $250+
Jacket Rocker with text: $165+
Jacket back patch (large): $250+
Attaching patches to jacket: $20+ each

Request a quote to get started

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