Pricing for Custom Chainstitch and Chenille Projects

Because All work is done by hand, prices are based on the materials used, number of hours it will take me to layout, stitch and attach to your garment

Past Project Pricing Examples

Prices are based on:

  • Number of colors

  • Size of embroidery

  • Complexity of design

  • If I'm attaching it to a garment

  • Trim detail (like extra layers of felt)

  • Delivery speed (See Rush Order Fees)

  • Your feelings about the Star Wars prequels

  • Special details (printing or computer embroidery)

Chainstitch and Chenille Prices:

  • Chainstitch script (up to 12 letters) $30

  • 4" Patch or Direct Embroidery: $80+

  • 6" Patch or Direct Embroidery: $120+

  • 10" Patch or Direct Embroidery: $200+

  • Jacket Rocker with text: $130+

  • Jacket back patch (large): $200+

Hat Prices:

  • Script on your hat: $30+

  • Beanie with script: $35+

  • Beanie with patch: $55+

  • Baseball cap with script: $35+

  • Baseball cap with patch: $55+


Patch Attachment to garments:

I like to secure my patches with a permanent zig-zag stitch, but chainstitch, satin stitch and straight stitch also available (click Here to see attachment samples):

  • Small patch (up to 4"): $15

  • Medium patch (4"-6"): $20

  • Large patch (over 6"): $25

  • Sleeve de/reconstruction (each): $25

  • Puffy or Thick jackets add: $10 to total cost

Lead Time
Typical lead time is 14-21 business days,

and is based on the following factors:

  • Amount of work I have in the studio

  • Vendor lead time for requested garment(s)

  • Special colors/materials needed for your project

Rush Orders
I do offer rush orders, when possible,

for the following fee structure:

  • 1-3 day delivery: +100% of order cost

  • 4-6 day or over the weekend delivery: +50% of order cost

Let's get started on your project!

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