Live stitching at your next event

Hire me to bring one of the machines to your next event and give demos or customize items for your guests

On-site live embroidery

Nothing is a cool as seeing these machines in action and your guests receiving a personalized item made right in front of them.

It's great for parties, pop-up events or special retail promotions when you are looking to add a wow factor that is guaranteed dazzle your guests and receive lots of attention on social media.

Event price are based on the following:

1. Event date and time
2. Event location (for travel time)
3. Number of machines requested
4. Length of time at the event
5. Items requested per hour
6. Type of items to be embroidered
7. If you are supplying the items
8. Ease of loading and set up

All events require that you supply a 110 outlet to power the machine and a minimum of a 7'x7'x7' level workspace.

Please contact me to discuss your event.


Past Events