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Huckmade Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs about Huckmade

  • Who is Huckmade? For the last 30 years Huckleberry Starnes has been designing and making custom products in Atlanta, GA. as "Huckmade"

  • Is Huckleberry your real name? Yes, my mother was an english teacher.

  • Does Huckmade have a retail store?   Nope, during COVID closed my public location and started working from my home studio.  Currently I have no plans to reopen that old location.

  • Can I make an appointment at the studio? Yes, if you have already started on a project, or want to schedule a paid consultation.

FAQs about Huckmade pricing

  • Does Huckmade have a minimum charge? Yes, my minimum is $275 per project, so even if it's a $80 patch, then minimum is $275

  • What are prices based on?

-Number of colors

-Size of embroidery

-Complexity of design

-If I'm attaching it to a garment

-Trim detail (like extra layers of felt)

-Delivery speed (See Rush Order Fees)

-Your feelings about the Star Wars prequels

-Special details (printing or computer embroidery)

  • Does Huckmade offer rush orders?   yes, when possible. 1-3 day delivery: +100% of order cost.       4-6 day or weekend hours: +50% of order cost

  • How much does Huckmade charge for artwork or graphic design services?
    Basic layout (using your source material) $65+
    Custom artwork $100 and hour (estimate provided)
    Receive a digital copy of artwork for an additional charge

FAQs about Huckmade Services

  • Can an I hire Huckmade to do the chenille and chainstitch for my brand?  Yes, but please note that my products are all hand made 1 at a time and I do not offer price breaks for multiples.

  • Can I order multiple patches? Yes

  • Can you reproduce my artwork? Yes

  • Can you reproduce a patch I saw on someone else's jacket?  No, I do not make copyrighted or other people's artwork.

  • How long does it take to get my custom order? It depends on my current work load, but typically 3-6 weeks (Rush orders available for an additional charge)

  • I want to order samples now, but I'm going to come back and order more later. Can I get a price break on the first ones?  No. If you order 1 or 20 the prices are the same because I make them all 1 at a time.

  • Can you draw my idea? Yes, for an additional fee 

  • Why does your chenille and chainstitch cost more than on Amazon and Etsy? Those sites sell machine made/mass produced chenille and chainstitch made in factories overseas.  My products are custom made by hand just for you. That costs more.

  • Can you make and attached patches to a jacket I already have? Yes, I can make loose patches, direct to garment embroidery or sew on your patches (for an additional charge)

  • What is your return policy? I do not accept returns on custom orders

  • Do you have a store?
    No, and my studio is by appointment only.
    Click here schedule an appointment:  Appointments

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