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Custom Decatur Varsity Jackets and Awards

These products are custom made for each order using hand controlled 100+ year old embroidery machines, not computers.

Custom Varsity Jackets

Varsity jackets are athletic cut and typically run a size large.
Here is the sizing chart to ensure perfect fit of your jacket.

Huckmade Varsity Jacket Sizes

Made in the USA

These are not your traditional high school varsity jacket, they are a 1 of a kind jacket made just for you.

I start by designing each blank varsity jacket just for you and have it made in one of my custom blank jacket suppliers. I then personally hand make all patches and embellishment on my collection of 100+ year old machines in my Decatur studio (see my studio here).

Lead time for custom jackets is 5-6 weeks. Typical it takes 3-4 weeks to receive the custom blank jackets and another 1-2 weeks to make and attach your patches.

I also have a curated collection of blank jackets I've designed available in my studio for purchase.

Below are ballpark prices, but you should contact me to discuss your project and receive a quote on your specific design.

Varsity Jackets start at $675 

Prices are based on the cost of the blank jacket you choose and the below prices on your number of patches

Estimated Jacket Prices:
Blank letterman jacket (wool sleeves) $185+
Blank Varsity jacket (leather sleeves) $225+

Estimated Patch Prices:

  • Estimated Patch Prices:

  • Chainstitch script (up to 12 letters) $30

  • 4" Patch: $100+

  • 6" Patch: $150+

  • 10" Patch: $250+

  • Name plate (large): $165+

  • Jacket back patch (large): $250+

  • Attaching patches to jacket: $20+ each

  • Sleeve de/reconstruction (each): $35
    Remove/resew lining on customer's jacket: $60

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