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About my embroidery process

All work takes place on one of my 100+ year old
hand controlled embroidery machines, not a computer

How I make a chenille patch

My design and fabrication process

1. Quote: Prices are based on the following, Embroidery size, design complexity, number of colors item being embroidered.  I will provide a detailed quote with lead time once I have a design image and project scope.

2. Design: I can work with customer's artwork in most file formats and then print it to use as my refences while stitching, or draw original artwork (for additional fee).

3. Stitching: Chainstitch and Chenille is done in my studio on one of my 100+ year old hand guided machines.

4. Patch attachment: I offer patch attachment in several different styles.


Let's get started on your project

Controlling the machine with the handle underneath 

Huckmade working at a chainstitch machine

My Studio in Atlanta

Huckmade studio

My main chainstitch station set up with my "Hero Machine" a 100+ year old Singer 114w103

Huckmade studio

My hat station is a Cornely BCH postbed, I also have a Merrow machine for vintage patch edges, and a Cornely A2 long arm for large projects, as well as a selection of blank jackets for purchase.

Decatur Planters

Huckleberry Starnes

Custom jacket

Chenille patches

City of Decatur


Letterman Jacket



Chenille letter

Chenille letters

Chain stitch


Custom patch

Custom hat


Apparel Design



Custom denim

Varsity Jacket






Chainstitch machine

Vintage Sewing machine


Vintage Embroidery


Sports jersey

Embroidery classes

Chainstitch Classes

Huckmade studio

My chenille station is a vintage Consew 104T named "Saundra" after her previous owner, a 30 veteran of custom varsity jackets. I also have a Brother 10 needle computerized embroidery machine for non-chainstitch and chenille embroidery 

Some of my reviews on Google

Huckmade reviews
Huckmade reviews
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