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Meet the embroidery machines

All work takes place on my collection of antique
hand controlled embroidery machines, not a computer*


100 year old Singer 114w103 Chianstitch machine named "Hero"


Antique Cornely A2 chainstitch  machine named "Lorraine"


Antique Cornely BCH chainstitch  machine named "The Problem Child"


Antique Merrow patch edging machine


Antique Consew 104T Chianstitch  machine named "Saundra"


Antique Singer 457 commercial zig zag sewing machine


100 year old Adler 30-1 long arm patching machine named "Newbie"


My ladies in waiting 
All running back up machines


*2023 Brother 1055x computerized embroidery machine "Plastic Princess"


Bernette 705 that I bought new as 

my first sewing machine in 1992


My 100 year old Singer is one of the machines that travels to live event

LG copy1.jpg

Coming Soon: Cornely LG cording machine -CLONE- Name TBD

*OK, I do use the computerized machine for a few tasks, but trust me, I hate it the whole time!

About the process of using these machines

Huckmade chainstitching

All my chainstitch and chenille projects are made on these antique machines using a free-hand steering handle under the table to control it, not a computer

This means that I am using the machine to "draw" your embroidery onto the garment, but following a template or using a computer to apply it. 

Let's get started on your project

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