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Bespoke Varsity Jackets

These products are custom made for each person using hand controlled 100+ year old embroidery machines, not computers.

My process and pricing

Made in the USA

These are not your traditional high school varsity jacket, they are a 1 of a kind jacket made just for you.

I start by designing each blank varsity jacket just for you and have them made in a family owned  America shop. I then personally hand make all patches and embellishment on my collection of 100+ year old machines in my Atlanta studio (see my studio here).

Lead time for custom jackets is 5-6 weeks. Typical it takes 3-4 weeks to receive the custom blank jackets and another 1-2 weeks to make and attach your patches.

Below are ballpark prices, but you should contact me to discuss your project and receive a quote on your specific design.

Varsity Jackets start at $650 

Prices are based on the cost of the blank jacket you choose and the below prices on your number of patches

Estimated Jacket Prices:
Blank letterman jacket (wool sleeves) $185+
Blank Varsity jacket (leather sleeves) $265+

Estimated Patch Prices:

  • Estimated Patch Prices:

  • Chainstitch script (up to 12 letters) $30

  • 4" Patch: $100+

  • 6" Patch: $150+

  • 10" Patch: $250+

  • Name plate (large): $165+

  • Jacket back patch (large): $250+

  • Attaching patches to jacket: $20+ each

  • Sleeve de/reconstruction (each): $30
    Remove/resew lining on customer's jacket: $60

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