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Huckmade Design Services

Do you want to create a custom garment, but you don't have finished artwork?
Hire Huckmade to turn your ideas into drawings that can be used for embroidery


Customer Sketch

Duwell MM Bird REV1.png

Huckmade vector drawing


Huckmade Chenille patch


Art and Design Services:
If your project is only a concept, or basic sketches without finished artwork, I offer design and layout services to bring your idea to life and show you how it will look as a finished garment or patch.

  • Basic garment mockup (using your source material) $65+ Includes 2 edits, then $25 per edit after that

  • Custom artwork $100 and hour (estimate provided)

  • Receive a digital copy of artwork for an additional charge

Lead Time
Typical lead time is 5-7 business days,

and is based on the following factors:

  • Amount of work I have in the studio

  • Amount of design work required

  • Number of revisions requested

  • Digital format requested (as needed)


  • What is Huckmade's minimum project fee?  $275

  • Can an I hire Huckmade to draw finished artwork from my ideas?  Yes

  • Can an I hire Huckmade to finish artwork from my  sketches? Yes

  • Can an I hire Huckmade to mock up garments using finished artwork I already have? Yes

  • Can huckmade reproduce artwork I saw on someone else's garments?  No, I do not make copyrighted or other people's artwork.

  • How long does it take to get my idea turned into finished artwork? It depends on my current workload, but typically 5-7 days (Rush orders available for an additional charge)

  • Do I own the finished artwork?  Yes, if you hire Huckmade to draw or mock up your ideas, the finished products belong to the you (not Huckmade)

Let's get started on your project!

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