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Custom Dehen 1920 garments by Huckmade

These products are custom made for each order using hand controlled 100+ year old embroidery machines, not computers.

Custom Dehen 1920 Garments

Dehen has been making classic and traditional heavyweight apparel in Portland, Or. since 1920 and is one of my favorite bands, which is why it gives me great pleasure to partner with them to offer customized garments.

Prices below are ballpark for the embroidery only, Dehen 1920 garment price added, but you should contact me to discuss your project and receive a quote on your specific design and see if we can bundle to create a discount.

Customized Dehen 1920 garments start at $275 
(not including the garment price)

Estimated Patch and Embroidery Prices:

  • Chainstitch script (up to 12 letters) $30

  • 4" Patch: $100+

  • 6" Patch: $150+

  • 10" Patch: $250+

  • Name plate (large): $165+

  • Jacket back patch (large): $250+

  • Attaching patches to jacket: $20+ each

  • Sleeve de/reconstruction (each): $35
    Remove/resew lining on customer's jacket: $60

Made in the USA
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