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The Chainstitch Sessions

The Chainstitch Sessions is a bi-weekly live video on Mondays at 8PM EST.  Videos are available live on Instagram and posted the following day on YouTube.

These videos feature Huckleberry from Huckmade and Adam from Aimless Arrow Embroidery discussing chainstitch, small business, records and answering questions while providing tech tips.

CBS Evening New Story

This is a clip from the CBS Evening National News on 12/29/2020.

"Product designer Huckleberry Starnes makes custom masks highlighting the wearer's personality rather than hiding it. Mark Strassmann shares how the masks are putting smiles on faces during these tough times."

Conde Systems webinar

This webinar is from August 2021.

"Principal Designer Huckleberry Starnes of Robin Hill Design Studio joins us to demonstrate how to incorporate sublimation into the chainstitch and moss stitch embroidery processes.."

View on YouTube: Here

Ink Differently Podcast

This podcast is from January 2021.

"One Sawgrass user is getting national attention! Huckleberry Starnes was featured on the CBS evening news after he created and donated masks to his local first responders. The kicker ... the masks all had smiles on them! Huckleberry tells us how his business has been impacted since he gained a national following. Plus, he walks us through how he was able to be so successful and his future plans."

Deep dive: Decatur’s funky, effective, mercilessly ridiculed planter boxes

Story about the traffic calming planters in Decatur, GA and my goofy response that went viral locally (AKA: Decatur Planters)

Read the story: Here

Double Legacy: Art Exhibit

Double Legacy at Cade Tompkins Projects was an art show that had a Master Artist select a counterpart that they had taught.

I was honored to be selected by my mentor John Udvardy to show my sculpture along side his.

Pictured on the right is John Udvary's sculpture (top) and mine below.

See more of John Udvary's work: Here
See more or my sculpture: Here

Read the story: Here

Tattooed tributes

Story by Modern Dog about a memorial tattoo of my beloved dog Scout Finch (tattoo by Phil Colvin)

Read the story: Here

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